Advantages And Disadvantages Of Solar Air Convection Heaters

Posted on: 21 October 2014


Solar air convection heaters, or passive solar collectors, are a new type of heating that is currently being perfected, although many homes have already started to use them. Ordinarily, a solar air convection heater will have a collection panel that is placed in a window or outside the home in such a way that it is able to gather as much sunlight as possible.

The collection panel will be located inside of a glass box that has been insulated to keep the heat in, but not block the sun's access to the collector panel. As the collector panel is exposed to the sun, it will heat up and cause the air inside the box to heat as well. A series of fans connecting the collector panel to the home will suck the cool air out of the room and push in as much warm air as possible. If installed in the correct area, a collection panel will be enough to heat 1-3 rooms. There are several advantages and disadvantages to using a solar air convection heater.


The primary advantage is the tremendous amount of energy savings that a solar air convection heater can provide. There is no cost to run this type of heater whatsoever. This is incredible, especially when considering the amount of money that a household will pay for heat during a normal winter. Another advantage is that the heater does not take up that much room, as most of it is located in a window or outside of a house. This means that a household will not have to reorganize itself in order to make space for yet another appliance. Finally, this type of heater requires very little upkeep. As a result, maintenance costs are incredibly low.


One main disadvantage is the upfront cost of the heating system. Solar panels are very expensive. The savings that they provide are worth it, but it can be difficult to gather enough money to originally acquire them. Another disadvantage is that this type of heating system will only work in certain areas of the country, most notably areas that receive a great deal of sunlight. Finally, although the heating system works when it is installed correctly, because it is still being developed, it may not be as effective as it could be later on. As the technology develops, the solar panel system may need to be reconfigured.

Contact your local heating contractor, such as Mitchell Plumbing & Heating Inc, to find out if solar air convection heaters are right for your situation.