Top 3 Ways To Prevent Plumbing From Ruining Your Holiday Plans

Posted on: 24 November 2014


Are you getting ready for the holidays? Have you planned out every aspect of your turkey dinners and tree trimming? What you may not have considered is what effect your holiday plans might have on your plumbing. Here are some things to watch out for and avoid, if you don't want your festivities to be interrupted by a call to an emergency plumber:

Dispose of grease properly: Many holiday favorites are fried or create large amounts of fat and grease when cooked. While it's generally a bad idea to pour this grease down the drain at any time of the year, this can be especially bad in the winter. The cold can cause the grease to partially or completely solidify, creating a blockage in your pipes. Prevent needing to call a plumber out by pouring cooled, not hot, grease into another container for disposal. Empty milk cartons or juice bottles can be good choices for disposal.

Only flush toilet paper: Some people may think that anything that fits down a toilet drain is fair game for being flushed. Unfortunately, doing this may lead to a clog that can show up at the most inopportune time, such as in the middle of your big holiday party. If you're in the habit of flushing things like paper towels, cat litter or anything else, now would be a good time to call a plumber out for some preventative maintenance on your pipes. While it may seem silly and a waste of money to call a plumber if you aren't experiencing any issues, having your pipes cleared now can help prevent a costly emergency call to a plumber on Thanksgiving or Christmas day.

Turn your water heater up a few degrees: While the generally accepted temperature for water heaters is 120 degrees, you may want to turn the temperature up a little if you are having guests over or are hosting a large party. Guests and parties can both use large amounts of hot water for cleaning and cooking. Having hotter water will allow your guests to use less, since they will be diluting it with more cold water than normal. While this won't completely prevent you from running out of hot water during a social function, it can help the hot water last longer. If you have small children as guests, their parents should be notified of the water's temperature so that they know to keep the youngsters away from the potentially scalding hot water. Once everyone leaves, feel free to turn the water temperature down once again to save money on your water heating bills. 

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