3 Steps To Take If You Experience A Plumbing Leak In Your Home

Posted on: 25 November 2015


Plumbing leaks can occur at any time and with any pipe in your house. When this happens, you might instantly panic and not know what to do. There may be nothing you can do to stop the damage that is already done, but there are several things you should do to stop any more damage from occurring. Here are three tips to help you take the right steps if you experience a major plumbing leak in your house.

Step 1: Shut Off The Water Supply

The main thing you must do as soon as you find a leak is shut off the water supply. If the leaky pipe is from a water supply line, the water will continue pouring out until you shut off the water supply to the house. This is something you can do by turning the valve near your hot water tank. This is typically where the main water supply valve is located. Once you do this, the water will stop coming out of the pipe.

If the water is from a drain line, it should stop on its own as soon as the drain empties out. If this is the case, make sure no one uses any water that will come through that drain until the problem is fixed.

Step 2: Remove Your Belongings

The next thing you must do is remove any of your belongings that got wet. If they got wet from drain water, you will need to sanitize the items before using them. If the water was fresh water, you may just need to dry them out.

The best thing to do is carry the items out of your house and place them in the garage, or outside if the weather is nice. This will allow you to get the mess cleaned up in your house, and you can always try to salvage these items later.

Step 3: Call A Plumber And Mop Up Water

Once you get the water shut off and save your valuable belongings, you should call a plumber. Plumbers offer emergency services for times like these, and they will come to your home quickly to get the problem fixed.

While you wait for them to arrive, you can begin mopping up the standing water in your home. You could use a mop to do this, or you could use a wet-dry shop vac.

Plumbing leaks are hard to prevent and can occur at any time. If you experience this, call an emergency plumbing company to help you get the problem fixed quickly.