Manage A Rental? Get Into A Routine Of Hiring A Plumber After A Tenant Moves Out

Posted on: 29 December 2016


Owning and managing a property that you rent out to others is a huge responsibility. You need to find tenants, maintain the home, and find replacements when the current tenants move out. It is then up to you to determine how much work you want to do on the property between tenants to possibly increase the rent or speed up the time that it takes to rent it out by appealing to more renters. It is standard to give the house a thorough cleaning after a tenant leaves, but you should also hire a plumber.

Check the Condition of Everything

The first task that a plumber can handle is looking at everything in the house related to plumbing and making sure it is all in working condition. If there is something wrong that was recently maintained, you may want to charge the tenant for the work that needs to be done if it was caused by them. This is when you can discus with them what happened to determine whether it was an honest mistake or not. It is important to know as much as you can about the rental to help your tenants better in the future.

Make Smart Replacements

At some point in time, you will be need to replace something related to plumbing. It might have to do with the toilet, garbage disposal, refrigerator, washing machine, or bath, and you will have the opportunity to decide whether to just replace what is needed or turn it into an upgrade. Investing in a better toilet or garbage disposal can lead to fewer problems with tenants and a more appealing rental, but it usually comes with extra costs that you will need to analyze to make the right decision.

Clean Out the Drains

It is natural for the drains to get clogged over time. This goes for the sink, bath, and toilet drains, so a plumber can clean them before you start showing off the rental to potential tenants. This will keep them from having problems with drainage immediately or shortly after moving in. It will be more convenient for you not having to get assistance on short notice and your tenants will not have drainage issues.

While there are a number of professionals that you can benefit from hiring after a tenant leaves, you should not pass up bringing a plumber, like one from Carolina Pipe Pros, on board as they can help with maintenance and repairs.