Prepping For Houseguests: 3 Steps To Protect Your Plumbing

Posted on: 29 December 2016


Hosting houseguests is always exciting, and you have spent hours sprucing up your guest room and planning a fun itinerary. However, it is also important to think about preventing minor mishaps that can destroy all of the fun. Your home's plumbing is susceptible to damage from well-meaning friends and family who may not know the in's and out's of your persnickety pipes. Additionally, younger or older houseguests may have special needs to protect them from injury. As you finish your preparations, use these tips to avoid a plumbing meltdown when you need running water the most.

Watch Your Hot Water

Hot water burns are serious, especially for children and the elderly who have thinner skin. While you may love a steamy shower, it is important to set your hot water to a safe temperature for at least the time that your houseguests will be in town. Once you've lowered the temperature, go one step further by marking the hot water know. This way older adults with dementia and young children can easily identify which know to avoid. A red sticker or plastic cup placed on the knob is a temporary way to let everyone know the difference between the two.

Keep a Trash Can In Sight

Placing a trash can near the toilet makes it clear to your houseguests that anything other than toilet paper has a designated place to be thrown away. Often, feminine hygiene products, cotton swabs and other disposable products are tossed by guests into the toilet when they are not sure what else to do. Since the last thing you need is an overflowing toilet when you have extra people in the house, this simple step can help you avoid having to call an emergency plumber.

Give Them a Heads Up

Many homes have tricky plumbing that other people are not used to dealing with every day. For example, your septic system may require the use of certain paper, or your teenage nephew may not realize that garbage disposals are not miracle machines that can eat up potato peels. Giving your houseguests a quick warning about specific oddities regarding your plumbing will help them avoid embarrassment while preventing a major mess.

Houseguests also mean extra work for your plumbing since there will be more showers and toilet flushes working your drains. Scheduling an inspection with a professional plumber before your guest's arrival allows time to fix minor problems before they turn into major issues. Then, you can greet your guests at the door with confidence that hot showers and working toilets will always be available for their convenience.

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