Tips For Selecting And Installing A Showerhead

Posted on: 29 December 2016


Installing a new showerhead is a home improvement project that most homeowners can do on their own. It's certainly an upgrade that you will enjoy every single day, so it is worth doing if you do not currently enjoy your old showerhead. Here are some tips for selecting a new showerhead, as well as installing it on your own.

Showerhead Selection

It may be overwhelming going to your local home improvement store and seeing all the showerheads available to you. To make the selection process easier, understand that there are typically one of these four types.

  • Water conservation – Will help save money on your water bill by using less water, all while providing a very satisfying shower experience.
  • Rainfall– Are a much larger showerhead, but have the water gently fall down in a rainfall pattern. Can be installed with an extended arm, or at the top of your shower directly overhead.
  • Variable Patterns – Have a twisting showerhead that change the pattern that the water flows. Can include a mist, pulsating massage, or simple stream of water.
  • Low-Pressure – If your home has poor water pressure, this type of showerhead can make the water shoot out with more pressure.

Many of these showerheads are available in detachable models as well.

Showerhead Replacement

Replacing a showerhead is simple, since it only involves a few tools you may already have in your home. Start by shutting off the water going to the showerhead. This can be done by simply diverting the water to the main faucet in a bathtub, but you may need shut off the water going to the bathroom if it still leaks from the shower with the bathtub in use.

Use a wrench to unscrew your old showerhead from the pipe coming out from the wall. Then clean off the existing pipe connection, including and old plumbing putty or tape on the threads.

Apply new plumbing tape to the pipes, wrapping it tightly around the pipe threads. The new showerhead can now be screwed onto the pipe, using a wrench to tighten the connection. Turn on the water slowly, making sure that there are no leaks around the connection.

If you do not feel confident that you can do this showerhead swap on your own, know that you can hire a plumber such as Mike Hensley Plumbing Inc to take care of it for you. They have the tools and experience to get the job done quickly and correctly, even if it involves installing an extended arm for a rainfall showerhead.