About High Humidity Levels & Plumbing Problems

Posted on: 9 January 2017


Do you find it strange that the humidity level in your house has risen so high in a short amount of time? You might be dealing with a plumbing problem that you are not aware of, as sometimes pipes can leak for a while before they cause noticeable physical damage to your house. For instance, humidity levels can rise when there are busted pipes in the wall cavities that are leaking water or sewage. Take a look at this article to learn more about dealing with high humidity levels that are caused from a malfunctioning plumbing system.

1. Reasons for a Plumbing System to Raise Humidity Levels

Busted pipes are one of the main things that can lead to humidity levels going up. The problem is one that you should actually consider as something that requires an emergency repair by a plumber. A plumber might be able to save the pipes by sealing them up. However, it is likely that the pipes will need to be replaced if the cracks are large. Another thing that can raise humidity levels is when water or sewage is simply stuck inside of pipes and needs to be pumped out.

2. Signs to Look for Around Your House

When there is a plumbing problem in the wall cavities, a few signs might show up around your house if the situation is severe enough. One of the common problems that you might notice is discolored drywall, as it can change into a faded yellow color. As time passes by, the yellow color can get darker as mold spores begin to develop. Discoloration can be a variety of colors when mold develops, and you might notice a fuzzy appearance from the spores. Another sign that you can look for is soft drywall, which can happen when there is been water in the wall cavities for a long time.

3. Things That a Plumber Can Do to Fix the Problem

A plumber can actually locate leaks in the wall cavities without having to destroy drywall to do it. For example, leak detection equipment can be used that will pinpoint each area inside the walls that possibly has leaking pipes. Depending on what is found to be wrong that is causing high humidity levels, a plumber might simply need to get rid of liquids sitting in the pipes. However, be prepared for a plumber to open up the drywall if any of the pipes need to be replaced or sealed up.