Do You Need A Sump Pump In Your Home In A Dry-Climate Area? These Factors Tell You Yes

Posted on: 9 January 2017


For people who live in a dry climate, the idea of installing a sump pump in your home may sound ludicrous. Sump pumps are designed to kick on and expel water through a drainage line or system in a particular area to prevent flooding. Flooding may not be one of your primary concerns if you do live in a dry climate area, but there are some good reasons to have a sump pump installed anyway. Take a look at these factors that should indicate to you as the homeowner that installing a sump pump in or under your home is a good idea. 

Your basement stays damp most of the time. 

A damp basement is a sign of a basement that has moisture issues seeping in. Without a way for all of this moisture to make its way out of your basement, it can accumulate quite rapidly. When you have a sump pump installed, a contractor will ensure that the floors of your basement are sloped toward a drainage point where the pump will be inserted. This sloped effect allows for any and all moisture to make its way to the sump pump where it can be expelled the right way so it is no longer an issue. 

The crawlspace under your home is muddy for days after it rains. 

If your home is located in an area where water during periods of rainfall naturally flows under your home, it can mean major problems. Check out the crawlspace under your home after rain and see how well water is draining away. If you see the ground is staying muddy and it has been a day or two, it is best to have a sump pump installed. This pump will help eliminate rainfall moisture as it flows beneath your home so it doesn't seep into the ground and cause problems with mud. 

The ground surrounding your home stays wet even though you live in a dry climate. 

If the ground where you live stays moist in spite of a dry climate, it is likely relative to a high level of groundwater flowing through the area. While this be an advantage in some respects, it can also mean your home has a higher likelihood of flooding if excessive rainfall does occur. So take a good look at the ground where your home is situated and assess how much moisture seems ti be in the soil. If it seems to be high, having a sump pump in the event of heavy rain could be your saving grace.