How Can You Customize a Portable Restroom for a More Formal Event?

Posted on: 3 February 2017


If you're planning a somewhat formal outdoor event, such as a wedding in a park or a dance in a field beneath the stars, then you'll certainly want to rent some portable restrooms for attendees to use. But standard portable toilets with a tub of blue liquid below the bowl just won't cut it. No -- what you need is a full-size, portable bathroom. Bathroom rental companies often offer many different options that can transform what's generally thought of as a gross, outdoor bathroom into a true space of luxury. Here's a look at some of the custom amenities you'll want to request for your event.

Sinks and Water Heaters

The best portable bathrooms come with several toilet stalls and a set of sinks where visitors can wash their hands. You should also check that the unit contains a water heater so that the water guests use to wash their hands is warm. Not only does this make guests feel like they're in a real bathroom, but it also makes them more likely to actually wash their hands -- which is important for reducing the risk of illness at your event.

Soothing Lighting

Look for a bathroom unit with soothing, ambient lighting inside. The nicest ones will have full light fixtures and perhaps even a lamp or two on the counter by the sinks. This makes it easy for guests to see themselves in the mirror, and it also gives the space more of a true bathroom feel.

Separate Changing Rooms

At a more formal outdoor event, there are likely to be guests who need to change clothes. Someone may step in a puddle and need to change their socks, or someone arriving late from work may need somewhere to change into their party attire. Look for a restroom with a separate changing room so that guests are not forced to change in the toilet stalls. The best changing rooms have benches and hooks where guests can sit or hang their items.

A Stereo System

Luxury rental bathrooms typically have some sort of stereo system as an add-on feature. You can plug in your smartphone or perhaps play a CD. Letting the tunes blast in the bathroom will keep guests who visit the bathroom in the party spirit, and like the other amenities on this list, make the bathroom seem more like a formal restroom than a porta potty.

To learn more about the many amenities that make rental bathrooms feel more appealing, click here for information and talk to a rental company in your area.