Controlling Portable Restroom Odors At Your Event

Posted on: 29 April 2018


Planning an event usually requires ensuring that there are sufficient facilities for the attendees. In fact, many municipalities require that you rent a certain amount of portable restrooms to have a permit to host your event. Although many people can likely think of poor experiences with portable restrooms, you have the power to keep them much more pleasant for your event. The following tips can help.

#1: Be picky about placement

The perfect place for the portable restrooms are well away from the main event area and near a road or access point for the service company. Further, you want to avoid having them placed in an area with poor airflow, such as in an area enclosed by canyons, buildings, or tall fences. It's also a  good idea to consider the usual wind direction in the area, so the event area isn't downwind of the portable restrooms. Finally, if it is possible to choose a location with less sun exposure, do so. Over-heated restrooms aren't just uncomfortable; they are also more prone to odors.

#2: Invest in extra service

Most restroom companies provide cleaning services. It is well worth it to invest in extra pumping or replacement for multi-day events, as well as hourly cleaning of the actual restroom units during event hours so that odors don't have a chance to build up. If you opt to do your own hourly maintenance, then have a dedicated restroom crew to manage the units. Cleaning should include picking up solid matter from the ground inside and around the restrooms, as well as spraying all surfaces with disinfectant to cut down on the growth of odor-causing bacteria. Most restrooms can also be hosed out if they are particularly dirty. Just make sure to close the toilet lid and remove any paper goods first.

#3: Upgrade your restrooms

If you are still worried about odors, you can invest in upgraded portable restrooms. Some versions have included fans, which make them more comfortable as well as less smelly during hot weather. Restroom trailers are another option. These trailers feature two or more toilet stalls per trailer. They also often have actual flushing toilets, similar to what you would find in a recreational vehicle. These trailers are usually more expensive, but the investment can be especially well worth it if you are hosting a more upscale event.

For more help, contact a restroom rental company in your area. For more information on portable restrooms for events, contact your local supplier today.