Puzzled By Rising Water Bills? Water Leak Detection Information You Need Now

Posted on: 30 June 2018


Utility bills are a growing source of concern for many families across the nation. While this problem is often due to sudden increases in the price of the electricity, natural gas, propane, or heating oil used to heat and cool the home, it can also be related to other types of utility costs, including the water bill. 

At first glance, the water bill for the typical household can seem too small to worry about. However, when it begins to creep higher in homes where the actual water usage remains stable, homeowners may find themselves paying for wasted water due to an unknown water leak. If you are looking at your water bill and wondering why it has suddenly become higher, looking for and curing any existing water leaks will help reduce waste and reduce your monthly water costs. 

Small leaks that add up to major losses

Leaking pipes or fixtures that leave a noticeable puddle on the floor are easy for homeowners to find, so they are usually repaired quickly. However, if the leak does not make a mess or is hidden from view, it often persists for months or years without being repaired. Since any type of leak results in wasted water and increased utility costs, finding and repairing them quickly is critically important. 

Homeowners who suspect that a leak in their home might be wasting water and raising their water bill can use this list to help locate problems. 

  • Leaking faucets, shower heads, hose bibs, and toilets  - These can seem like small issues but can actually result in hundreds of gallons of wasted water each month.
  • Water heater pressure relief valves - These are often plumbed directly into a drain system, making it difficult to notice a leak.
  • Lawn or garden irrigation systems and fittings for swimming pools and hot tubs - Small leaks in these areas are often readily absorbed by the soil and can be difficult to notice.

While each of these small leaks may seem small, they can add up to several gallons of costly wasted water each month. 

Larger leak issues 

Homeowners who check for small leaks and find none but still have unexplained usage on their water bills may be experiencing a larger leak, such as one in the supply line that feeds water from the meter to the home. To locate this type of leak, try shutting off the main water intake valve into the home while monitoring the meter gauge at the street. If the meter continues to show water usage while the intake valve into the house remains closed, a leak is probable in the water pipe between the meter and shut-off valve of the home. 

Not all water leaks are easy to locate. Homeowners who remain puzzled about the source of rising water usage in their homes should contact a reputable leak detection service like Five  Star Plumbing to help them source the problem so that it can be solved.