Signs That Your Water Softening Device Isn't Working Properly

Posted on: 12 September 2018


Water quality varies widely depending on which part of the country you reside in. If you live in a town where there are lots of minerals in the water supply, you may have purchased a water softening device to attach to the main water line in your home. Because the water softener is often out of sight, it might be difficult for you to detect when it needs to be repaired. When you start to notice the following signs, have a look at your water softening device to see if it is no longer working as it is supposed to.

Your Clothes Come Out Of The Washing Machine With Streaks

A very common problem that comes with having hard water has to do with the way your clothes look after you've taken them out of the washing machine. The calcium and other nearly invisible minerals in the water will often show up as streaks on your clothing. This is almost a sure sign that your water softening machine is faulty.

The purpose of the softener is to sift out some of the minerals that show up in your water. If the device is starting to malfunction, it won't be able to do this effectively. The water that is fed into your washing machine will contain these minerals so your clothes won't appear as clean as they used to when you pull them from the washer.

Your Dishes Just Don't Sparkle Like They Used To

When you wash and dry your dishes, you expect for them to sparkle after you're done. Glasses that are clear and shiny are much more inviting than glassware that appears mottled or spotted in some way. 

Hard water can make it very difficult for you to achieve the sparkling look that you're after. You put the dishes into the dishwasher and once the cycle ends, you notice that there are tiny spots all over the glasses. You might even run the cycle through another time in hopes of getting rid of the problem but it often just won't work. The water softener might have stopped working and it's time for you to have it repaired.

You can bring in a water softener repair service, like Aqua Masters Water Conditioning Inc, to inspect your water softener if you suspect that it is causing some of the signs listed above. They'll be able to examine your device and determine if it is still salvageable or if you need to get a new model.