Why Annual Plumbing Inspections?

Posted on: 26 December 2018


Many people put off phone calls to plumbers until they have a plumbing issue come up. When a plumbing issue does arise, it isn't always a simple or a cheap one to have resolved. Worst of all, many times that whole situation could have been avoided had you had annual plumbing inspections done. Here are 5 benefits that come with having annual plumbing inspections done to your home.

  1. Get validation that your plumbing is free of issues – One of the biggest benefits of having a plumber come out to have a look at your home's plumbing annually is learning that your plumbing is still good. Plumbers have special tools to help them get a complete and up close look at your pipes and lines, such as special cameras that go into the system to spot clogs, tree roots that will soon cause problems and more.
  2. Learn about problems before they lead to issues – If you thought your plumbing was fine, but the plumber spots issues that are just about to cause issues, you can have things taken care of before you even have to suffer with the inconvenience those issues would have brought into your household.
  3. Learn about new plumbing options – When you keep in annual contact with your plumber by having them come out to your home to inspect your plumbing, they can inform you of new products and equipment that is now out on the market that can offer you savings on your water and power bills, save you on future repair bills, and be beneficial for a variety of other features.
  4. Have updates done – When you have a plumber come out annually, let them know ahead of time if you would also like them to take care of anything else regarding your plumbing while they are at your home. For example, if you have purchased newer faucets for your home and you want them to install them for you, then they can also take care of this for you at the same time. Having them take care of more things at once may save you by allowing you to only pay one fee for the visit, as well as the other normal fees for the services they have provided you with. Otherwise, you would have to pay the house visit fees each time they come out; once for the inspection and once for coming out to do the faucet installs.
  5. Make sure everything is on the right settings – The plumber can tell you if you have your water heater set too high and put it on the right setting while they are there. They can also make sure the water pressure is good. If there is an issue caused at the main water meter that's affecting the water pressure, it's also an easy fix they can take care of right then and there.

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