Options For Fixing A Clogged Drain

Posted on: 14 October 2019


When you have a drain that is not moving at all no matter what you do, you could consider this a stubborn clog. A stubborn clog might be a clog that has been forming for many months or even years and it might be the result of a large pile of debris that is trapped in a pipe somewhere. If you are facing this problem right now, there are several things you could try if you are hoping to free the clog yourself; however, you will likely need the help of a plumber.

Things you can try

You could try to fix the clog yourself by inserting a drain-cleaning tool into the drain that is clogged. You can buy small, inexpensive tools at the hardware store for this purpose, and these tend to work well for minor clogs. The problem with a tool like this is that it is not very long. If the clog is further down the line than what the tool will reach, you probably will not be able to break it free. Some people also use hangers to try to fix clogged pipes, but this is not the best method to use.

You could also try pouring drain cleaner in the drain; however, you should use caution with this. If this does not break up the clog, you will have potent acid sitting in your plumbing fixture. If you touch this liquid, it could burn your skin. It could also damage your fixture, too, if it remains in there too long.

How a plumber can fix the problem

The good news about hiring a plumber is that they will have the right equipment and knowledge to fix the problem. The plumber might begin trying by inserting a plumbing snake into the line. This device is great for fixing clogged pipes. If this does not work, though, the plumber may have a different type of tool, such as a plumbing auger, and they will use this to free up the debris in the line. In either case, the tool the plumber uses will be effective for clearing the line, no matter where the clog is located.

If you have tried everything you know to try and still cannot clear the line, you should call a plumber. Plumbers have the right tools, equipment, and knowledge to fix any clogged pipe, and they can get the job done quickly and right. To schedule services, call a plumber right now.

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