The Holiday Season Vs. Your Home's Plumbing System: Issues And Answers

Posted on: 4 December 2019


'Tis the season to be careful with your home's plumbing system. If you don't anticipate certain seasonal problems and challenges, you could end up using Santa's usual gift allowance to pay for extensive repairs to pipes or other components. A little forethought goes a long way toward a happier holiday, so keep the following potential issues in mind and do what you can to keep them at bay.

Holiday Feasts vs. Kitchen Plumbing

From massive Thanksgiving dinners to Christmas and New Year's Eve parties, homeowners make their kitchen plumbing systems do a lot of extra work at this time of year. Make certain that your plumbing system is up to the challenge in advance—schedule an inspection and any necessary maintenance before the first dish goes into the oven. Once you start cooking food and clearing away plates, keep a sharp eye on what's going down your kitchen sink. Whenever possible, dump all the leftovers into the trash instead of letting them clog up your pipes. To help prevent small items such as coffee grounds from gumming up your garbage disposal, place a strainer over the sink.

Holiday Guests vs. Showers and Toilets

Do you plan to host relatives for days on end during the holiday season? If so, you need to consider what the extra demand for water might do to your bathroom plumbing. For instance, your shower drain can accommodate only so much hair and other debris at a time before it starts to clog up, so ask guests to wait a few minutes between showers. Get your toilets and sewer lines checked before the visit so that you don't suffer a major household catastrophe at a time when plumbing services are much in demand.

Holiday Weather vs. Pipe Pressure

November and December can get pretty chilly in many parts of the country. If you're used to annual freeze warnings and ice storms, you may already have your exterior-facing pipes (and any other pipes that run through unheated areas) wrapped in the appropriate insulating materials. But if you're anticipating an unusually cold holiday season this year, you'll want to take this extra step before the mercury plunges. As extra insurance, let a trickle of water run through your faucets on frozen nights. Pressure tends to build up within frozen pipes, potentially leading to breakage and flooding. As long as you keep a little of that water moving, you should be able to avoid this nightmare.

A happy holiday season means a season devoid of plumbing headaches. Call your local provider of plumbing services today for inspections, repairs, or advice. With the money you save by preventing a major plumbing failure, you can buy that many more presents.