Water Accumulating On Your Bathroom Floor? You Could Have A Leak

Posted on: 25 March 2020


If you find small puddles of water accumulating beneath your bathroom sink, behind your toilet, or around your bathtub, you could have a water leak somewhere in your bathroom. Plumbing leaks don't always occur out in the open; some leaks can lurk silently inside the walls, ceiling, or flooring. If you follow the simple steps listed below, you can find and fix the silent plumbing leak in your bathroom today.

Follow the Signs

Finding the source of the water in your bathroom is the first thing you want to do. If left unchecked, the water silently seeping into your bathroom can cause irreparable damage to your flooring and subfloor over time. Water can warp, break down, and even change the shape of your flooring over time.

In addition, the subfloor material lying beneath your flooring can build up with mold and other fungi. Some materials, including cement and wood, will even crack and settle from excess moisture.

If you can, try to find the source of the leak in your bathroom. The best way to find the leak is to dry up the water in your bathroom. After the floor dries, you may be able to see where water enters your bathroom. Make note of every place you find signs of water. Once you complete this task, contact a plumbing company right away.

Fix the Pipe

Your notes can help a plumbing company locate the leaking water pipe in your bathroom. A plumber may also use a pinless moisture meter to search for the leak. Once the meter locates the leaking pipe in your bathroom, a contractor will utilize the appropriate steps to repair it.

A plumber may need to remove small sections of your wall to uncover and access the broken water pipe. This step may seem unsettling, but it's necessary. A plumber needs to see the pipe clearly before they can repair it. If the pipe appears severely damaged, a contractor may remove it from the wall and replace it with a new pipe. 

If the leak occurred in a small section of the plumbing pipe, a contractor may cut the section out of the wall and replace it with a new piece. It may be necessary to wrap the pipe with insulation to help ensure it doesn't break again in the future. 

If you suddenly find small puddles of water in your bathroom, contact a plumbing company near you for help.