• Expecting A Baby? Test Your Home's Water Supply To Prevent Lead Poisoning & Blue Baby Syndrome

    If you are expecting a baby, you're probably scrambling to get your home ready. While you do have time to baby-proof electrical outlets and install baby gates, there is one thing that should not wait until your baby is mobile: making sure your home's plumbing is safe. The reason for this is because there are medical conditions in newborns and children that can be caused by unsafe water in the home.
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  • An Overview Of What's Involved With A New Tankless Water Heater Installation

    If you've converted your basement into a spare bedroom with a bath or put an apartment in your garage, you'll need a way to get hot water for the faucets and shower. Your current hot water heater may not be large enough for the added demand. Your choices would be to get a larger tank heater, switch to a tankless heater, or add a tankless heater to the plumbing for the new addition.
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